Stories behind The Lot and their Music


In his lifetime, Sisyphus was notorious for double-dealing and trickery. Upon dying he bargained with Hades to allow him a return to Earth. Once tasting life again he could no longer bear the thought of underground darkness. Finally the gods were sent to forcibly drag Sisyphus back below where his rock was waiting. He was condemned to push a great boulder uphill while it forever rolled down again at the summit.

Soren Roquentin

He is not only odd but incomprehensibly odd. He hates having his photograph taken, for example, unless blindfold. There are only a half-dozen candid pictures of him in existence. So obscure and unseen the man, that jokes have begun circulating about Roquentin being a myth, conjured by Ganci to take the blame for his inferior songs. Belying this shadowy exterior is a mind of staggering certainty, heightened with sensitivity, to beauty and the grotesque, infinity and finitude, and Nothing ... where there was never anything.

Dave Ganci

Ill at east in company, he avoids human contact as far as possible, and the favor is returned. His only close ties are to certain dead philosophers and his cellar, and when not among them he suffers from homesickness and disequilibrium. Where always to disdain wasted efforts he wastes them willingly, with a stubborn self-confidence fortified only by the delight in his own devised hollow, at once devastating and animating, his torment and sustenance. "That which does not kill you is your life."

The Afternoon of a Fawn

A fawn - a simple, delicate creature - awakens in the forest and tries to recall the events of the past afternoon. Is the fortunate vision he seems to retain nothing but a mirage? Vaguer and vaguer grows the impression. The sun is warm, the grass yielding, and he curls himself up again that he may pursue the ever-receding memory in the more hopeful ambience of sleep.

Right On

Onward and worstward, putting his hand out to check for rain, he declares the weather fit to his fancy, after only catching a teardrop.

Heavy Reading

A twist on the insipid book-metaphor about "starting a new chapter in one's life", perhaps after a setback. In this case, it feels so heavy turning over the page.

The Antic

antic -n 2. Archaic. an actor in a grotesque or ridiculous presentation. 3. Obs. a grotesque theatrical presentation; ridiculous interlude.

Describe the Sun

Once again, it is the progress of a mole that is followed. He hides away in a forgotten corner, lapsing in the peaceful promise of an imperceptible death. His heart long since bereft of upheavals, or unfamiliar with them altogether, suddenly finds itself in vague supplication to be written off with a description of the sun. Buried with the mole's dying vision are embers of rapture he longs to pale in the contrast of a glorious sunrise. Oh, it's not a real longing, for the wish lies unaccompanied by an effort to attain it, while time comes for the story to end. The mole's final resignation, "Owe it to me."

A Chance with You

The souls of the dead are ferried by Charon to the shores of the underworld. where they're dipped into the River of Forgetfulness. Once purged of memory, purified of existence, they're willing to be recycled ino the world above.

Wait Over

You cried for morning.
It dawns.
Now cry in the light.

The Seven Talents

The Seven Talents are the daughters of Philosophy: Math, Rhetoric, Art, Poetry, Music, Logic and Astronomy.

Impossibly Here

Up till now, when he exists, an infinity of time has run its course, in which the entire possibility of all states and conditions has exhausted itself without being able to eliminate his existence - accidental, brought about by a chain of causes that all too probably should have been different. Notwhithstanding this, he exists. ... so long ago as to come to never.

Shipwrecked Outside My Windowsill

The homeward voyage of Odysseus was a sea full of rocks, whirlpools and sorcerers that he avoided with the greatest bravery and skill. Succeeding with all his efforts and ingenuity, struggling through, at every step he came nearer to the greatest, the total, the inevitable and irremediable obsticle, indeed even steered right into it. The final goal of his wearisome voyage was a Shipwreck.

Wax Wings

Icarus flew too close to the sun, his wings melted and he plunged into the sea. But that wasn't the end of him. He washed up onto the shore of Corsica where he found his affinity to shade, stony air, and grayness.

The Swimmer

The lifelong swimmer yet finds himself swimming, and why not, with the earth so generously supplied with water. However, he has visions of bounding in a meadow, moving at air speed, with a vantage of some feet high. Not to be. His body washed ashore without him.

Steal Me in the Courtyard

Stupefied in the relative youth of life, and keen of his stupefaction, the courtyard denizen pleads, Take me, now and here amid the color and green, before it turns winter.

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