Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What's "The Lot"?

A: The fifth, or quintessential, definition of "lot" is fate (Look it up). Qualifying it with the definite article "the" spells the fate - the sovereign lot of everything, everything's end, The Lot.

Q: What time is it?

A: Same as usual.

Q: Why is Soren blindfold?

A: In mythology, Fate is depicted blindfold to symbolize her randomness as she snips the thread of life with her terrible shears. Even Jupiter, omnipotent Father of the Gods, is bound by her decrees.

Q: Why no album credits?

A: A song should give the impression of having been discovered, or unearthed, rather than written. Otherwise the author intrudes upon the experience and breaks the illusion of reality, much the way a bad actor in a movie makes it known that he's acting.

Q: What's the difference between The Lot
and everything else?

A: When analyzing The Lot beyond a mere listen, there can be no doubt it had a creator; there was a mind behind The Lot. On the contrary, when looking at the rest of the universe, you're left to conclude all of it happened by chance.

Q: So, why is Soren blindfold again?

A: Not to know where he was going, but to know he would arrive, he knew there would be an end to the long blind road, to hell with all the fucking scenery.

Q: Why no copyright dates?

A: Why bother us with your accursed time?

Q: Do y'all play live?

A: Soren can not play if anyone is within hearing distance of his piano.

Q: Why am I here?

A: to try and justify the impossibility of that question's arising. The only way of doing that is by not dying. Failing there, your life will have been meaningless.

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